Health Data At Your Fingertips

Self Sovereign Health ID powered by IOTA to connect and collect hospital EMR data into a Health Portal. Only you can access your health data via QR code scanning with smartphone. No personal info on health portal. You are your Health ID.
Missi Health App
Missi Health app connects to bluetooth medical devices to collect essential health vitals so you can view your health status in a convenient place. You can share the trend of your vital signs with your family members...
Vital Sign Monitoring System
SmartOptz Vital Sign Monitoring System (VSMS) makes possible wireless transfer of vital signs at bed side to the nursing station for monitoring purpose. Nursing staff no longer need to write down patient's vitals on paper...
IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology
IOTA is a blockchain without block and chain. Its feeless transaction is ideal for medical IoT devices.

VTrust Vital Sign Monitor

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Bluetooth Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Bluetooth Baby Thermometer