RPM That Digitally Signs Your Vital Sign Data To Protect Your Privacy


Take and Auto Upload Vital Signs Via WIFI or Gateway 

Smart VSM enables transfer of vital signs from a patient monitor at bedside either via WIFI or a gateway to the nursing station. The nurse scans patient wristband’s barcode to capture patine ID, take vitals as required and upload the data to the server for viewing on a dashboard. It frees the nursing team from recording down patient’s vital signs on paper or entering into a Computer On Wheel (COW). This improves efficiency, reduces potential vital signs recording errors and allow nurses to spend more quality time with patients.


Smart VSM Dashboard

Smart VSM uses colour coding in the dashboard to indicate if patient’s vitals are within the preset reference ranges. Whenever a patient’s vital is updated, a short notification will appear on the dashboard with time stamp for easy reference.  

Smart VSM Supports VTrust Vital Sign Monitor

Ideal for hospital wards, ambulance services, assisted living and wellness centers, the VTrust Vital Sign Monitor, model TD-2300 takes the following vital signs:

  • ECG
  • SpO2
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Ear Temperature
  • Blood Glucose

VTrust monitor can be interfaced to Smart VSM to significantly improve the departmental or centre’s workflow and patient experience. 

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