The Preferred RPM Technology For Hospital At Home Services

RPM HealthKit

An All-In-One box, ready to deploy RPM HealthKit is the perfect tool to start your remote health monitoring services. The HealthKit contains Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucose Monitor, Thermometer and Oximeter. It comes complete with connectivity (simcard, data plan, MiFi) and gateway to connect to the RPM Cloud Services. 

SmartOptz HealthKit is well-suited for:

  • Hospital At Home or Virtual Hospital services to alleviating congestion in hospital wads by facilitating effective remote monitoring and care delivery. .
  • Chronic disease management (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) enabling continuous monitoring and personalized care. 
  • Children concerns about their elderly family members in their home town, ensuring proactive and remote health monitoring for peace of mind.

RPM Dashboard

Monitor all your patients at home on a single dashboard anywhere, anytime. 

  • Near real-time updates on patient’s vital signs and other relevant data.
  • Health vital tread analysis, individualize reference ranges, EWS and multi lingo support.  
  • Web API to integrate with EMR or Telehealth Platform. 

Telehealth Gateway

SmartOptz’s dedicated Telehealth Gateway simplifies remote health monitoring by:

  • Adopting a “set and forget” approach ensures user-friendly operation, particularly for elderly or less tech-savvy individuals.
  • Utilizing specialized hardware crafted for seamless integration with diverse medical devices guarantees precise, secure, and reliable data collection of vital health metrics.
  • Eliminating reliance on battery life concerns, especially when compared to using a smartphone as the gateway.



Bluetooth Medical Devices

SmartOptz strives to be a vendor neutral solution provider. The list of supported Bluetooth Medical Devices will expand from time to time subject to customer requirement and availability of registered devices in the local market. The current list of tested and certified devices are from Fora, Taidoc, URight and MbH, covering a good range of health vitals:

  • SpO2, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature & Weight
  • Blood Glucose, Total Cholesterol, Urid Acid, Ketone, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin


Vital Sign Monitor

SmartOptz Teleheath Gateway supports connectivity to WiFi/LAN enabled vital sign monitors, e.g. VTrust TD-2300 and Comen NC5 for seamless transfer of vital sign data (NIBP, Pulse, SpO2 & Temp) and patient ID (via barcode scanner) to the cloud nursing dashboard or HIS/EMR. 

Recommended use cases:

  • Spot or continuous monitoring of patient at home.
  • Triage nursing station at Emergency Department and Outpatient Clinic. 
  • Health screening station.



SmartOptz Vital Sign Information System



Vital Sign Information System (VSIS)

VSIS automates vital sign taking, reference ranges checking, and EWS calculation. This helps to improve the efficiency of nursing round and data quality. Eliminating manual works on the other hand enables the care team to spend more time focusing on the patients for better care and experience. 

SmartOptz VSIS is a vendor neutral solution enabling seamless workflow and HIS/EMR integration via HL7/FHIR well suited for vital sign taking at:

  • Hospital wards, Emergency Department, Daycare Centres.
  • Aged & Assisted Care Centres.

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