About Us

Core Activities

Established in 2014, SmartOptz’s core businesses are:

  • Hospital IT consultancy & project management services
  • Development of Remote Health Vitals Monitoring using Bluetooth medical devices, mobile app and cloud services
  • Development of Bandwidth Optimizer & Server Load Balancer
  • Open Networking design and implementation services
Hospital IT Consultancy & Services

Professional Services:

  • Hospital IT feasibility study, implementation strategy, requirement studies & workflow optimization
  • Hospital IT system design, interface design and infrastructure review
  • IT planning and procurement including development of technical and functional IT brief, implementation plan, budgeting, procurement assistance & tender evaluation
  • Implementation services including coordination of user acceptance test, training, supervision of installation, testing & commissioning

Project Reference:

  • Tung Shin HIS Project
  • Kyrgyzstan telemedicine and hospital ICT feasibility study
  • Tajikistan telemedicine and hospital ICT feasibility study
Remote Health Monitoring

SmartOptz’s remote health vitals monitoring solution focuses on providing support to people with diabetees and hypertension problems. The solution encompasses bluetooth medical devices, mobile app and cloud services. With missi health mobile app, users can present their health vital trends, e.g. blood pressure over a period of time to their care provider to make informed decisions. Furhtermore, the cloud services allows remote monitoring of users health status by their care providers or family members.

SmartOptz has been awarded the Establishment License by Medical Device Authority as Local Authorized Representative, which is required for importing and distributing of medical devices.

Network Optimization

SmartOptz Bandwidth Optimizer reduces Internet traffic congestion and reserves dedicated bandwidth for critical business applications, IP-PABX, e-mail, etc.

SmartOptz Application Deliver Controller (ADC) is a dedicated high-performance system that balances application flows and guarantees high availability of mission critical application platforms and servers

SmartOptz collaborates with Cumulus Networks to simplify network scalability by investing in learning and promoting Open Networking in the region.

Contact Us

A-801, Level 8, Block A, Kelana Centre Point, 3 Jalan SS 7/19, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Email : info@smartoptz.com        Tel/Fax :  +603 7886 5698